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let's talk about love
 theheartmatters - (hardchoices)
11:37pm 09/12/2006
Jessica posting in Following Your Dreams
Oh gosh...love. What is love? Look at what people think of when they think of "the one"...how perfect and ideal they are. Just look at the materialistic qualities and the superficiality of it all. I mean, come on...look at Romeo and Juliet. They died...for each other. Some might argue that that's not how love is supposed to be, and in a way they would be right. Love shouldn't be so limited and judged, but respected. Is that how life works? No. It's not, and it's never going to be. But Romeo...he killed himself because he thought he'd lost Juliet...and if she didn't wanna live then neither did he. Maybe someone shouldn't be your entire universe in theory, but it sure is nice to have someone who can keep you together when you lose everything else....because everything else that we consider to matter so much can be gone in a heartbeat. That's love. When someone gets inside your veins and makes you so happy and so hurt that it feels like you're bleeding endlessly and yearning for some kind of hope...that you really do have if you just give in...that's love. When someone comes in...and changes your entire universe...that's love. When you'd die for someone...really die...that's love. When you'd rather die than be without them, that's love. Don't you ever take it out of context. It's power is what makes it eternal.
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