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(no subject)
 theheartmatters - (cmujoiseyboy)
08:52pm 04/08/2006
Joe K posting in Following Your Dreams
I like the concept of this group. Another place for me to bitch about discuss what I would like to do and am usually too insecure to do.

So yeah. Hi. My name's Joe K. I'm 22 and a super senior music ed major at Central Michigan University. For the past 5 years, I've tried to be a composer/arranger/songwriter. I've pretty much given up on composing and am not getting very far in songwriting. Arranging/transcribing has been good, altho I don't always get enough time for it. So far I have finished arrangements of:

arrangements for anyone who caresCollapse )

I've also finished a grand total of two songs that I have since kept (2 others I have since thrown out, among numerous sketches).

So yeah, that's me and my impossible dream in a nutshell. I want to be known as an arranger and songwriter.
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(no subject)
 theheartmatters - (hardchoices)
02:00pm 04/08/2006
Jessica posting in Following Your Dreams
I wrote this about my eating problems...
my dreams in music...
my boyfriend...
and life itself...inspired not to give up

Not So BadCollapse )
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